Rite of Passage for Young Adults

The Quest

1 week in wild nature.

Vision Quest for Young Adults

(age: 16 - 24 years)

11th to 19th of August, 2018

For people who don ́t want to get told anymore

yet still want to know

Who am I?

What is calling me?

How do I get there?


Four days of preparation in the Eschwege Institute.

Three days out in the wilderness of „the yellow mountain forest”.

Three of these days and nights will be your solo fast.

Two days for integration of the experience into the life to which you return.

Watch a 3 minutes video about a Youth Vision Quest - a similar event: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVhdn7fuoPY

If you want to go your own way, you must pass through a gate, behind which you will have to leave old dependences and accommodativeness behind.

This passing is neither easy nor free of pain, but it has always been the price for the freedom, to inherit your own position and task in life.

This initiation process facilitates a chance to implement the necessary disengagement of young people and their parents in a dignified and contained way.

In the heart of Germany, where the German / German border used to be, there are huge oak and beech tree forests, in which a lot of rare animals survived. The European wildcat, the lynx, the black stork, the Uhu Owl, do still live there along with wild boar, deer and racoons...


11th to 19th of August, 2018


395 Euro + 110 Euro for expenses (fee for the landlord, food, etc.)

+ your travel expenses


Holger Heiten and Werner Pilz

(trained as Vision Quest Guides in the tradition of the School Of Lost Borders, US + D )


Eschwege Institut and the beautiful forest in the heart of Germany


W. Pilz / 0179 5998152 / w.pilz@t-online.de /

H. Heiten / 0172 6315620 / info@eschwege-insitut.de /

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www. eschwege-institut.de

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